What we do:

  • Brown et al assists businesses to achieve efficient & effective operational management.
  • Our expertise lies in delivering solutions to complex operational challenges with a keen focus on effective forecasting, planning & scheduling.
  • We use fact-based modelling and optimisation to support informed decision making.
  • Whether Workforce or Supply Chain projects, we relish an intellectual challenge and will excel in implementing the best solutions.
  • As a small and flexible enterprise we provide individually tailored services and offer clients excellence in quality and value for money.

How can we help you?

  • We help you to improve your business efficiency by ensuring that your resources are where you need them, when you need them.
  • We provide decision support tools to make optimal use of available resources to meet customer demand.
  • We will help you to execute your project – assess the available technology options, how to prepare & how best to implement.

We will help you understand:


  • The scope and functionality of available software options
  • The design and implementation of software solutions
  • Design support for decision support functionality

HR processes

  • Cut through the complexity of supporting your pay award legislation
  • How colleagues should be paid based on their contracts and collective bargaining agreements
  • Devise ways to meet complex pay award requirements

Operational planning

  • The best way to plan available resources to meet the service demands of your business
  • Capacity constraints, how to solve them and maximise your overall productivity
  • Optimisation techniques

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Quantify forecast labour demand based on your operational processes
  • Deliver models to accurately reflect your workforce demand
  • Forecasting methodologies

Our Customers

Software Vendors

  • Software Implementation support
  • Industry Expertise
  • Product design support

Transportation and Warehousing

  • Logistical and process flow models
  • Labour & resource demand


  • Constraint-based planning
  • Sourcing & distribution planning


  • Operational labour planning & scheduling
  • Process models & budgeting
  • Customer demand

Our People

Our Partners

Who we’ve worked with: